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    The steps we’re taking to help ensure safety during your stay

    We have adopted special safety protocols and procedures as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is for all our guests to enjoy the great outdoors and their Hotel Horizon experience comfortably and safely.

    Throughout your stay, our team members will be working hard to ensure compliance with the procedures outlined here. If you have any questions or need assistance, we invite you to send us an email or call us.

    1.Respecting the recommendations of health authorities and the hygiene plan put in place by professionals in the hospitality industry.

    2.Training our team members in protective measures and hygiene protocols and providing them with protective equipment.

    3.Setting up signage reminding people of the protective measures and social distancing recommendations, as well as implementing pathways in the public areas of our sites (reception, central lodge, washrooms, etc.).

    4.Providing hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant, or soap for our guests and team members in the main communal areas, and raising people’s awareness about the areas where most contact occurs.

    5.Carrying out rigorous and meticulous virucidal cleaning of the communal areas and washrooms several times a day, and of accommodations at each change of guests, in accordance with the hygiene plan.

    6.Modifying our check-in and check-out procedures in order to limit the number of people at reception at one time.

    7.Requesting that our team members and guests who are displaying potential symptoms of COVID-19 stay at home. If necessary, we will apply the risk management protocol in the event of suspected exposure of a guest or team member with COVID-19 in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

    8.Applying the reinforced, specific health and hygiene safety and access instructions for all our services, including take-away food, on-site dining, swimming pool, activities, and more in accordance with the recommendations of health authorities.